VoIP Switch for Robust VoIP Service

13 Feb

VoIP Switch is another big move ahead in voice over IP (VoIP) technology. VoIP switch is developed to perform the task of control switch and used to control connection at link point of traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and VoIP networks. The entire traffic is supervised by the software. The software is based on SIP and compatible with VoIP technology.voipswitch

VoIP switch is capable of processing different packet protocol signal. It is capable to interface with multiple IP and send end to end VoIP massages. Conventional switching technology is hardware based switching technology where as the switching technology is completely a software based technology.

The result of VoIP switching is all PC to PC call, PC to phone call, IP phone to phone call, IP device to phone calling service without error in communication. Every end point such as softphone, phone adapters and IP phone adaptors is capable to be registered on the software. SIP server is Linux based with sophisticated and modular architecture and designed in best customized way to meet changing requirement of telecom industry.

Using the software VoIP service providers can provide uninterrupted service with very low basic primary outlay which then further lowers operating cost. The switch is capable to send real time information through it. Various companies are accepting it by eliminating conventional telephone network. The robust VoIP switch is capable with many features that help the switching software to deal with all switching related needs by one software.

Advance and complete VoIP solution is prime concern of adore InfoTech. The software is designed in such a way that it can be customized by the users. The user can put name and logo of their company or institution over the interface of the software. The switching software does not destruct the quality of call as a result the users gate a good quality call with good sound quality on the output ends.

VoIP Switch as it does not opens the security gateway of your computer. Adore InfoTech has good reputation for providing quality VoIP product. The large list of satisfied customers across the globe is the proof. You will be provided a good after sale service. A team of experienced and dedicated staff is available every time to look over your technical problems. The support from out technical team can be availed by various means such as online support on chat, support by call, written support etc.


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